Poznajcie Anię :)

19 listopada spotkaliśmy się ponownie, aby wspólnie stworzyć avatara, który będzie reprezentować nasz kraj w książce powstałej podczas realizacji projektu Erasmus Code. Tworzenie avatara przebiegało w niezwykle miłej atmosferze, wspólnie wybieraliśmy płeć, wygląd zewnętrzny oraz osobowość reprezentanta naszego kraju. Jest nim dziewczynka o imieniu Ania, którą też chcieliśmy wszystkim przedstawić.

Poznajcie Anię 🙂

ANIA - Polish Avatar

Ania is a nice thirteen year old girl who lives with her parents and siblings, a brother and a sister, in a small but picturesque town situated in the south of Poland. She’s got long, dark blond hair which like waves gently envelop her nice and cheerful face. Particularly remarkable are her unusual green eyes with glittering sparks pointing out the curiosity of the world and people. Emerald eyes are surrounded by the line of long, black eyelashes which repeatedly bring to your mind the flutter of butterfly wings. The whole is completed by a gentle red mouth and a neat nose. There is something in Ania’s face that does not allow us to take our eyes off her…Some inner beauty beats from her which, like the sun, warms and illuminates everything around. What is Ania like? She always smiles although she seems to be a bit shy at first sight. However, this shyness disappears after breaking the ice. She’s musically gifted: she plays the guitar, sings and dances beautifully. She can swim very well too. She likes spending time with her family and friends. And above all, she is curious about the world, she loves travelling and getting to know people. She is a wonderful friend, too. For good and for bad. And now she is standing on the threshold of a great, wonderful adventure that has a chance to change her life…



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