What’s going on?

We need you again

Dear Friends from France, Greece, and Czech Republic,


      It seems Europe is in great danger and somebody needs our help…

 How long has it been when we last met Diana, Boris, Ania and Ariadne? 

We haven’t been in touch with them for such a long time! This has made us really worried and even frightened. We’ve tried to contact them but no reply…

     We know that last month they met here, in Poland, in order to discuss European security and take further steps to protect the European alliance.

    We’ve been lately informed that the hacker, THE SAME ONE, was seen in Kraków last week. Mere coincidence or carefully planned action?

And the strange mail asking for help yesterday…. Diana? Boris? Ania? Ariadne? What happened here? Now, we’re sure – they need our help!

     Let’s all meet on Monday, September 29th 2019 at 9:30 in Zespół Szkół in Kochanowice, Poland.

     Diana, Boris, Ania and Ariadne are counting on us!

       Hurry up, friends – the future is in our hands again!

                                                                                           Your partners from Poland


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